40, Skateboard Waterproof Rain Kit

40, Skateboard Waterproof Rain Kit

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Skateboard DH Waterproof Rain Kit.

Old Man Victor’s secret Rain Kit.

One bottle special formula, Griffin

clear grease,Griffin white grease.


Truck maintenance, Clear Griffin

grease goes with pivot cups, keep’s

out the dust and grit out and the

moisture out.

White Griffin grease goes on the

trucks hanger axles and bearing


Keeps dust and grit out along with

Keeping your axles from rusting to

your bearings.

Deck maintenance,

Spray Victor’s special formula,

on the bottom of the Skateboard Deck.

Spray evenly.

(Keep away from people’s eyes when spraying)

Cloth towel dry after your ride.

Hair dryer if really wet.

Great for all styles of skateboarding.

But proffered DH, Slalom, Push, Pump, Surf SK8 &more.